Seriously Sustainable

💚 Our Commitment 💚

The Happy Tea Company is committed to being seriously sustainable. 

At each stage of our tea's journey, we've carefully considered how we can limit our impact on the environment. Starting with the farming processes we use on our family ran Worcestershire farm, through to our choice of tea bag materials and packaging options.

We believe our actions speak louder than words so if you have a minute, take a look at some of the decisions we've made to be kinder to our planet.

Thoughtful Farming

LEAF Marque Accredited
Linking Environment and Farming
  • Recognises more environmentally sustainable production

  • Demonstrates continuous improvement and measures performance

  • Assures consumers that their food (or tea) has been produced to high standards of environmental care

Driving Circular Agriculture
(Integrated Farm Management)
Soil Management and Fertility

Our soil is the basis for all our horticultural produce, therefore the conservation and improvement of this valuable resource is our highest priority.

Crop Health and Protection

To limit any potential adverse effects on the environment we rely on Integrated Crop Management (ICM) to limit the use of pesticides and fertilisers

Energy Efficiency

We strive to fully optimise our farming inputs (power, water, and other consumables). Our sole focus is growing and supplying fresh-cut herbs in a way that minimises our impact on the environment.

Pollution Control and By-product Management

Our focus on optimising our use of power, water, and other consumable inputs allows us to minimise any air, water, or land pollution by minimising and controlling farm waste products.

Water Management

Relying on long-term grower experience to correctly decide when our crops need irrigating taking into account soil type, crop type, weather conditions, and water resources available.

Our irrigation system relies on two onsite boreholes that provide high-quality water.

Landscape and Nature Conservation

Farming and the environment are inseparably linked through our shared ecosystem. As such it's our objective to protect and enhance the wildlife and landscape on our Farm.

Responsible Packaging

Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags
  • Biodegradable pyramid tea bags

  • Biodegradable tags

  • Packed in Somerset*

  • Made from NeoSoilon

  • No plastic (derived from corn starch)

*Filling our biodegradable pyramid teabags in Somerset is our only off-sight activity, everything else is done at our farm in Worcestershire.

Fully Biodegradable Pouch With Window
  • Made from Kraft Paper / Cellulose Film / Starch Film

  • No plastic

  • Fully compostable (including zip lock)

  • Biodegradable in 10 weeks

  • Made from renewable materials

Brown Parcel Box
  • Recyclable cardboard

  • Environmental Management Accreditation supplier

  • Part made from recycled cardboard

  • Biodegradable (minus adhesive strip)

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sourced

Pandabode™ Packing Tape
  • Made from recyclable brown kraft paper

  • Recycling bin friendly

  • Biodegradable

  • Made in the UK

Recycled Leaflet
  • Made from recycled paper

  • Recycled in Austria

  • Carbon offset (Woodland Carbon Scheme)

  • Printed in the UK

  • Recyclable